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Central Park is one of the most famous city parks in the world and with its 843 acres lends itself to the most varied activities. Walking along its avenues and paths is definitely the best way to discover it, but you can also run, use roller skates, ride a bike. Athletes can also play basketball, volleyball, baseball, tennis, swimming, as well as boating, kayaking or canoeing, and ice skating in winter. Fitness activities are also organised. For the little ones there are many playgrounds, most of them along its borders. For those who love shows there are theatrical performances, cinemas and concerts and for nature lovers there are over 90 km of paths to discover the park.

Summary sheet

Places to Visit
In the park there are an infinite number of small places to discover. The most popular are The Mall and Literary Walk and the nearby Sheep Meadow, a large meadow. Then Strawberry Fields Memorial, dedicated to the memory of singer John Lennon and Bethesda Terrace & Fountain. There is the Bow Bridge that crosses the lake and the Belvedere Castle lookout point. Continuing north to the great lake Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and the beautiful gardens of the Conservatory Garden. Finally, the Harlem Meer Lake overlooked by the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center.
The park is home to the city's largest and most prestigious museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and along Fifth Avenue is the Museum Mile. Also on the east side is the Central Park Zoo and on the west side, just outside the park, the famous American Museum of Natural History.
Food & shopping
The most famous restaurant in the park is Tavern On the Green, then there is The Loeb Boathouse and some bars and kiosks.
Length and Visit Time (without visits)
8 km - 1h45’-2h30’


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The idea that the proposed itineraries are indicative and can be varied according to one's curiosity is very valid for Central Park where one can get lost pleasantly along the more than 90 km of paths.
Subway: A, B, C, D, 1 (59th St./Columbus Circle)
You start from Columbus Circle to enter the park and if you want you can go towards Umpire Rock, a rocky area that is located on the right of West Dr., or you can walk immediately along the paths that run along West Dr. Passed 65th St. Transverse on the left there is the famous restaurant Tavern On The Green. Further on there is a crossroads, go left keeping Terrace Dr. to the right, at the end you cross the latter and turn right immediately to get to Strawberry Fields, the memorial dedicated to John Lennon. This is a first way out of the park, on Central Park West there is a subway stop.
Subway: B, C (72nd St.)
Now descend into the interior of the park along Terrace Dr. walking on right side. You will leave this by going to the right on Skater's Road and continuing to walk until you see a large green meadow on the right, Sheep Meadow. Then left to reach The Mall, a large tree-lined avenue and left again on the avenue following it to Bethesda Terrace. Here the advice is to wander a little above the terrace and then go down to pass under it where you can see a beautiful ceiling, and then reach the Bethesda Fountain a little further on. Continue keeping The Lake on the right to cross the Bow Bridge and then cross the The Ramble area until you reach the Belvedere Castle, a beautiful viewpoint in the park. If you want to leave the park you can go on 79th St. Transverse, always towards Central Park West where there is the subway station of the Museum of Natural History.
Subway: B, C (81st St. -Museum of Natural History)
Descending from Belvedere Castle we head towards Delacorte Theater and then continue north until we reach 86th St. Transverse where there is a large lake, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.
If you choose the east side of the lake to go further you can stop and take a look at the police district, Central Park Precinct, on the west side there is instead the Gothic Bridge. Past the lake there is another side street of the park, the 97th St. Transverse, which on the west side leads to the subway station.
Subway: B, C (96th St.)
Now we hold on the east side to pass East Meadow and reach the gardens of the Conservatory Garden. Continue along the Harlem Meer Lake where the Charles A. Dana Discovery Center overlooks. The route ends here with the end of the park. There is a subway station on Central Park North, intersection with Lenox Ave/Malcolm X Blvd. or in the north-west corner at Central Park West intersection with 109th St. Paul.
Subway: B, C (110th St./Cathedral Pkwy); 2, 3 (110th St./Central Park Nord)

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