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No Turn on Red signal - Imagine from www.trafficsign.usWhen in Rome, do as the Romans do”.
Traveling sometimes you find yourself in situations new or different from those related to your culture and traditions and the United States is no exception to this rule.
What to say for example when you are in a crossroads with the stop on all streets? Or how to evaluate the classic tip in the restaurant, the right turn with the red light or the procedure that uses the police to stop a driver (Traffic stop). The last is very important to know, usually the police follows the car that wants to stop and turn on the flashing lights to indicate to pull over. At this point the driver must move over to the shoulder and stop. He must stay in the car with his hands well in sight on the steering wheel as long as the policeman does not give different indications. Getting off the car is in fact interpreted as an attempt to escape.
Guidare negli USA
Drive in the USA
L'albergo Plaza - Foto https://sites.psu.edu/newyorkforlife/2014/03/28/the-plaza-hotel-our-centurys-standard-of-luxury/
Where to Stay
La valuta - Source https://www.newmoney.gov/newmoney/files/100_Materials/100_GlossyFront_EN_WEB031210.pdf