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The only one of the five districts of New York to be on land, it experienced a serious urban decay in the seventies that for about two decades made it sadly famous for the spread of crime, violence and misery dominant becoming in fact one of the most infamous districts of the city and probably one of the worst in the country. Today many areas have been recovered and are decidedly quieter, although the traditional recommendation to pay attention are still valid. Avoid uncrowded areas, night hours and always know where you are and where you want to go.

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Places to Visit
City Island, a small island in the north-east Bronx, reminiscent of a small fishing village in New England. Along the main street, City Island Ave., there are restaurants, fish in particular, some art galleries, antique shops and some Victorian style building. Not far away is Orchard Beach, the only public beach in the Bronx, artificially created in the 1930s and 1.8 km long. Then there is Arthur Avenue, considered the real Little Italy of New York, in the stretch between Crescent Ave. and East 189th St. Among the parks is Van Cortlandt Park, with its 1,146 acres is the third largest park in the city and boasts the first public golf course in the nation, was opened in 1895. Then there is Pelham Bay Park and Thain Family Forest, a wooded area that has remained untouched since the arrival of the first settlers. Nearby is the New York Botanical Garden. In addition, the Wave Hill Public Gardens, which overlook the Hudson River. Finally, for sports enthusiasts, the famous Yankee Stadium.
The main museum is the Bronx Museum, dedicated to modern art, then there are the Bronx Children's Museum, with interactive exhibitions and a teaching workshop, the Maritime Industry Museum at Fort Schuyler, which shows the maritime history of City Island and the Universal Hip Hop Museum, right in the neighborhood where this genre was born. There are also some historical residences such as, Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, the last house of the famous writer, the Museum of Bronx History (MBH) with the Valentine-Varian House and the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum, a residence built in 1800 in the Federal style. Finally there is the Bronx Zoo.
Food & shopping
The main shopping center is the Bay Plaza Shopping Center. Then there is the area of Fordham Road between Grand Ave. and Webster Ave. with many shops with mainly cheap products. Same kind of business on 149th St. next to 3rd Ave.


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