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A route dedicated to what is probably the most famous bridge in the world, this route also leads to the discovery of a small part of Brooklyn and some of the piers in the neighborhood from which you have very nice views of Manhattan and the bay.

Summary sheet

Places to Visit
The Brooklyn Bridge of course, but also the town hall of Brooklyn, some typical streets with classic red brick houses and piers with views of Manhattan. Then there's an unusual viewpoint over the Manhattan Bridge from where, across the bridge pylon, you can see the Empire State Building in the distance.
The itinerary is almost exclusively dedicated to the Brooklyn Bridge but still offers the opportunity to visit the New York Transit Museum and the Brooklyn Historical Society, which are not far from Brooklyn Borough Hall.
Food & shopping
At the beginning of the itinerary there is Shake Shack, a fast food restaurant that offers good burgers, then on Montague Street some shops and other catering outlets such as Chipotle Mexican Grill. Finally, near the bridge, on the Brooklyn side, there are the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and other small restaurants.
Length and Visit Time (without visits)
6 km - 1h30'-2h00'


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Subway: 2, 3, 4, 5 (Borough Hall); R (Court St.); A, C, F, R (Jay St – MetroTech)
The small park opposite Brooklyn Borough Hall is the starting point for this unusual itinerary. Take Montague St. where, if you want to stop at the Brooklyn Historical Society, you must turn at Clinton St., on the first right. Then you continue on a street where there is the St Ann & the Holy Trinity Church, a church built in Gothic style and various commercial activities, including the headquarters of an agency of Citi Bank located in a small building reminiscent of a temple of ancient Greece. Continue on until you turn left onto Hicks St. a small residential street with classic red brick terraced houses and the small fire station Engine 224. Now turn right onto Atlantic Ave. until you reach Pier 6 and then cross the small park on the pier until you reach the bay where you see Governors Island and Downtown Manhattan. Now you have to walk along all the piers until you reach Pier 1 where you should cross the small grove to get closer to the river to see even closer the south of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, and then see in the distance the silhouette of the Statue of Liberty. Now you can walk under the bridge over Water St. to Washington St. On this street you have a particular and beautiful view of the Manhattan Bridge. Framed by two red brick buildings you can see one of the two large pillars of support of the Manhattan Bridge through which you can see in the distance the Empire State Building. Walk in the opposite direction to the bridge over Washington St. and you will reach Front St. Here on the right until you reach the Brooklyn Bridge where narrow stairs allow you to climb the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade, the pedestrian street that crosses the bridge. Here you have to be a bit careful because this pedestrian path is shared with the bike path and local cyclists will be angry if their path is invaded.
Now you start crossing the bridge and if you've enjoyed the view of the Empire State Building across the Manhattan Bridge there's another nice photo to take. Before you get to the first pylon of the Brooklyn Bridge watch the one of the Manhattan Bridge, this time the closest to Manhattan. There's a moment you can still see the Empire State Building through it, but this time at the top of the bridge. At the end of the walk on the bridge you turn left skirting the New York City Hall to finish your itinerary in the park opposite, City Hall Park.
Subway: 2, 3 (Park Place); R, W (City Hall); 4, 5, 6 (Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall); J, Z (Chamber St.)

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