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Camminare a piedi - Filippo Pompili Photo Walking in New York with New Yorkers is probably the best way to visit the city and avoid rush-hour traffic. In Manhattan, in the regular checkerboard area beyond 14th Street, the north-south blocks along the avenues are shorter than those from east to west on the streets. Practically a standard block measures 80 m × 274 m, so the part on the streets is almost three and a half times longer than the part on the avenues. A good advice is to cross the street always on pedestrian crossings or where allowed, in addition to the intuitive safety reasons also avoids the risk of being fined for jaywalking. During rush hours when the sidewalks are very crowded you have to follow the flow of people, generally holding the right, and without stopping suddenly. If it is necessary to move to the side progressively, a bit like in a car.
The rule of thumb also applies to escalators if you decide to stand still on the ladder.
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