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Guidare un'auto a New York - Filippo Pompili Photo Using the car in New York and in particular in Manhattan is certainly not recommended because it is uncomfortable and expensive. Traffic, especially during peak hours, is chaotic and it is difficult to park at the destination. If you are lucky you can find a place in the street with the parking meter, in this case you must check the maximum duration of the allowed parking. If you choose paid parking, the rates rise exponentially from 8-10 dollars for the first half hour up to 50 dollars for the whole day.
The main rules of conduct concern the right turn with red, legal in the United States but prohibited in the city of New York (No turn on red). It is forbidden to block a crossroads even if the traffic light is green, in case of heavy traffic so, even with a green light, you have to wait for the road in front to be clear before passing. Finally, the hydrants, forbidden to park in front and you must leave free 4.5 m on each side (15 feet). Unless otherwise specified the speed limit in the city is between 25 and 30 miles per hour.
More tips on driving can be found in the Driving in the USA.
Motorists & Parking (New York City Department of Transportation)
Street Parking Rates (New York City Department of Transportation)
Traffic Rules (New York City Department of Transportation)

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