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Usually at the entrance of the restaurant there is always a person with the classic “Please Wait To Be Seated” sign asking how many people you are and taking you to the table. Then another waiter arrives and brings the menu and asks what you want to drink.
The classic American menu includes Appetizers, then the Main Course divided between fish and meat (beef, pork, chicken and hamburger), which is the main dish that always includes the side dish and sometimes even a bit of pasta or rice. Vegetables cooked in the United States are generally almost raw. Then there are the Salads, salads rather rich, and possibly the Pasta and Pizza.
Finally there is the Dessert and the Children's menu, the latter offers unique dishes designed for children and usually includes a drink and a dessert.
If you order the meat, you will be asked the level of cooking (rare, medium, well done), while ordering a salad the waiter asks for the type of dressing. There are many, the most common are Blue cheese, Caesar, French, Italian, Ranch, Thousand Island, Vinaigrette.
In mid-level restaurants or franchise chains, drinks such as Coca Cola often offer the possibility of refilling the glass when you finish the drink at the cost of the individual consumption.
Another custom is to ask to take away the food not eaten, the so-called doggy bag, so you can safely ask for a “box” for advanced food. In the United States it's normal, the ex-first lady Michelle Obama did it too!


The rules for the sale of alcohol to minors are very restrictive, so for young people, even adults, it is advisable to bring with them an identity document (ID), because they could be asked to enter the premises. The minimum age for buying alcohol is 21 years.
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